The Nielsen Company System Analyst in MI, Italy

Nielsen Engineering ITAM - Systems Analyst

Location: Italy (Assago - Milan)

Job Description:

This position provides Production Support for Nielsen Global Engineering Service Assurance, primarily for the International Television Audience Measurement Collection and Crediting systems.

We are looking for a Production Support Engineer / Systems Analyst. The ideal candidate is a recent graduate in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (or similar technical degrees), with excellent communication skills, autonomous and responsible in her/his work. The position includes troubleshooting data-production system and application problems, investigating issues and root cause analysis, resolution of issues, periodic application administration tasks. The position also includes documenting system functionality, configuration and maintenance tasks, software application deployment and training to technical operators and users.


• Networking / IT skills. Ability to troubleshoot connection issues, understanding how to work remotely on distant environments

• Knowledge of Windows Server environments. Ability to read system logs, understand concept and capabilities of Microsoft Windows Server platform

• Basic knowledge of database management, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server and administration tasks

• Good communication and presentation skills, able to work in team, proactive in troubleshooting, ability to think out of the box, work across boundaries, open to multicultural working environment

• Good English (conduct written and spoken daily conversations with English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) speakers from 30 countries around the world)

• Availability for frequent travel for short-term work assignments (must have current valid passport)


• Recent graduate in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (or similar degrees)

• Experience installing custom/proprietary applications under Windows Server environments

• Experience with highly critical production environments. Understanding the importance of production environments (test, deploy, smoke/confidence test)

• Availability to work on call and shift rotations for 24/7 support (approximately one week per month or less). Availability to work from home/other locations if needed.

• Basic knowledge of Linux and shell scripting